Summery of events in Baba Amro & Inshaat neighbourhoods 20-02-2012

Summery of events in Baba Amro & Inshaat neighbourhoods 20-02-2012
Since early morning at 07:00 AM, and for the 17th day in row the neighbourhood of Baba Amro is under continuous assault of heavy shelling by Assad troops. The humanitarian situation is going to be worse and very critical. You can not see any sign of life in streets of Baba Amro. The rubble, destruction, the remains of buildings after collapse are everywhere. It is too cold here no oil to be used for heating, or even any kind of power supply. You can see the broken trees, rocket fragments, and houses on fire.
Today in addition to all kinds of shelling by mortar, tanks, artillery, and rocket lunchers, the neighbourhood has been attacked by warplanes as well.

Additional civilian houses has been destroyed today, here is one of the tanks shelling on the houses

The neighbourhhod is just turned into a masses of rubble, the destruction everywhere

And many houses on fire

the makeshift field hospitals also suffer from the urgent need of medical supplies due to the applied siege on the neighbourhood. All humanitarian organisations were prevented from entering Baba Amro. Our medical team have been several times asked for urgent intervention to rescue the wounds and to save the life of the rest of residents. The continuation of the situation as it is, will lead to real humanitarian disaster due to dangerous living conditions and spreading the disease among the children.
Today we have a lot of seriously wounded civilian due to the collapse of houses on people, or due to the shrapnel of shells. Today 8 civilians have been martyred, 6 of them due to heavy shelling and 2 being attacked by snipers. The snipers are placed on high building in nearby neighborhoods, and they can get from there a very good look on anything moving in Baba Amro.
Baba Amro: a wounded civilian due to shell shrapnel

The martyr fawaz alween

The neighbouhood of Inshaat is fully occupied by Assad thugs „Shabiha“. The residents have been expelled from their houses and 70% of them changed into military barracks. 80% of civilian houses in Inshaat have been emptied. All furniture, wash machines, refrigerator, and any electrical equipment have been stolen by Assad thugs. The rest of the residents inside the neighborhood are living in the caller of buildings without any kind of living requirements, no electricity, no food, no telecommunication networks. under this conditions and in addition to the siege applied to the neighborhood and the continuous shelling, the activist could not upload the filmed videos to the internet.

حول Abu Bakr Saleh
كتاباتنا تنبع من الشارع الذي نعيش فيه .... واقع الثورة السورية

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