Summary of events for occupied Homs up to the hour – 23/02/2012

Summary of events for occupied Homs up to the hour – 23/02/2012

Baba Amr: The shelling continues, for yet another day, on the steadfast neighbourhood. The siege continues for the 20th consecutive day. Interrupted shelling began during the early hours of the morning only then to intensify as the sounds of explosions filled the neighbourhood that shook with every shell. War planes were heard over the neighbourhood and it has become obvious to any human eye the regime is using a method to burn the land entirely as it has targeted the main roads and the side roads in a planned manner using missiles. This has led to the destruction of homes across these roads on both sides – there were also planes flying over tracking the movement of civilians thus anything and anyone who moves is at risk of being bombed. This makes reaching the field hospital difficult. In fact, it has become impossible to even reach the bodies and injured let alone take them anywhere. The bodies remain under the rubble as no one cannot reach them, and this is in addition to the prevention of any humanitarian and medical aid reaching the people, thus the people are now exhausted and under threat of not only shelling but starvation and thirst. There are many homeless families that have nothing to eat and the families are now drinking the rainwater to stay alive.

Diyaa Abo Salah was martyred today as he left the mosque, knowing that the mosque is so close to his home.

A report by the British journalist who is present in Baba Amr at the moment – he speaks about his health situation

An urgent call from the foreign journalists inside Baba Amr

Insha’at: The missiles continued to pour onto the neighbourhood, counting more than 20 missiles in 5 minutes. Today is the 20th day running that this area is under complete siege. There is a spread of tanks and army vehicles in the roads; later 75 missiles were counted mainly near Alwafai mosque and surrounding roads. There are many homes destroyed and if the families had not fled before this, they would have all died – it would have been a massacre. There is a possibility that there are martyrs and injured under the rubble but no one can reach them due to the spread of Assad forces across the neighbourhood. The shelling did not calm since the early hours of this morning until this evening, and the humanitarian situation is worse to worse with cut of water, electricity, land lines, phone lines and internet. All aid is prevented from entering the area.

Alkhaldiyeh: The neighborhood was hit with mortar bombs as the mosques began to raise “God is Great” and called on families to go down to the bottom floors of their homes for protection.

Alqsoor: Hysterical heavy gunfire was heard from the Souq Alhaal checkpoint onto the homes, however the families went out in protest in the event in support of Baba Amr and the besieged areas.

The protest:

Alsouq: The security forces stopped many people and took their ID cards and asked them to pick them up on Sunday from the poll centre’s. This is an obvious attempt by the regime to make people aware of the voting on Sunday. The Assad militias abducted the well-known Sheikh Isam Almasri from Aldalati mosque. The Assad militia also burnt many shops during the gunfire and bombs that they inflicted on the area.

Burning of shops:

Alhooleh: Martyrdom of the defected soldier Yousef Mohamad Afara. His funeral turned into a large protest, and another large protest came out in the evening chanting for the besieged areas.

Funeral for martyr Yousef Mohamad Afara:

A word by the martyrs father:

The funeral prayer [without his body] for the martyr Yousef Mohamad Afara:

An evening protest for the besieged areas:

Qalat Alhesn: Ayn Alajouzeh checkpoint was reported to have fired onto the neighbourhood in a hysterical manner and this was followed with mortar shells from Alwadi onto the area. The homes were directly affected. The Assad forces also stormed the village that is found on the road between Homs and Tartoos, it was also hit with mortar shells and heavy gunfire was also reported. There is still no news of the young man Ahmad Alqhwajee who was abducted by the air-intelligence forces.

Alrastan: The Assad forces shelled the water mains in Alrastan preventing the families from access to any water. A protest came out chanting for Homs and for the toppling of the Assad regime and the execution of Bashar Al-Assad. They also chanted for the world to support the Free Syrian Army that protect the civilians.

A home on fire after it was hit with missiles:

A home hit with missiles from tanks:

A terrifying injury on a young man after he was found in his home that was hit with a missile.

Shelling of water mains:

A sniper in Alsaeed Alaas school:

The situation in Karam Alzaytoon

A female from Karam Alzaytoon who fled the area records a message to every human being with a conscience:

A family who fled Karam Alzaytoon and their struggle for survival

The defection of Pioneer Salem Abdulkarim Haboosh

A urgent call from the activist Karm Abo Rabea through the Italian news agency AKI

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