The main events in Homs for 30/04/2012

Baba Amr News

The main events in Homs for 30/04/2012

The city of Homs witnessed intermittent [heavy] gunfire through the night in several parts of the city. Warplanes hovered above with several explosions shaking the neighborhood of Baba Amr as the regime tried to provoke the Free Syrian Army into retaliating in order to give an excuse for the regimes recent renewal of attacks on civilians. However, the Free Syrian Army continued to follow the agreed truce despite the continued attacks and explosions carried out by the regime. There are warplanes in the skies of Homs tonight and several new explosions.

-Alhamra neighborhood: A new checkpoint was placed in the neighborhood today at the SyriaTel roundabout. There was an intensified presence of security forces in the area.

-Al Ghouta: The Shabiha (thugs) sniper stationed on Gardenia tower opened fire using heavy Doshka machine guns (stationed on the tower), targeting the districts of Al Qarabees and the orchards located between Al Qarabees and Al Waer districts and also onto Jouret Alshayah.

-Baba Amr and Jobar: Both areas witnessed warplanes at low atiltutude as well as use of gunfire and machine guns onto the civilian areas.

-Al Safsafeh district and the destruction in there:

–A destroyed house in the district:

–Horrific destruction in the neighbourhood:

-Alqsoor destruction:

–Alqsoor a house is burnt due to shelling, despite presence of observers.

-Talbiseh: Al Sa’en: Regime’s forces are heavily bombarding the village of Al Sa’en located on the eastern side of Talbiseh. The forces stationed on the barriers in pro-regime villages are the ones who are carrying out this offensive. The village witnessed massive exodus of families, fleeing to other area.

–Massive explosion caused by the shelling regime’s forces are carrying out:

–A shell falls near the cameraman

-Talbiseh: Heavy gunfire was opened from regime checkpoints this evening, they are situated around the main city and the fire targeted homes.

–The schools in the devastated city:

-Talbiseh: Alfarhaneya: Marsad Fadl Dalah was killed today. He was born in 1981 and married with a little boy and girl. The checkpoint present to the south of the Alrastan Bridge opened fire onto him ,which led to his death. This martyr is the son of a martyr as his father was killed by the regime in 1982.

–The martyr Marsad Fadl Dalah

— Funeral prayers for the martyr Marsad Fadl Dalah

-Al Furqalas: Regime’s security forces invaded the town today and carried out a random arrest-campaign. Several civilians got injured, including Saeed Mubarak and several other refugees from Homs.

-Alrastan: The area was under tank shelling today [midday] leading to several injuries.

–Shelling on Alrastan

— An injury due to sniper fire

-Al Qusair: Revolutionaries held a beautiful protest today, demanding for freedom and the toppling of Bashar al Assad and his sick regime.

–Today’s protest:

-Signs of destruction and the sand barriers stationed all over the city:

–The schools’ conditions and the barriers stationed all over (with snipers):

–Barriers are still stationed:

–The destruction in the city:

–Photos of the destruction in Al Qusair’s schools and buildings

–Photos of the protest held today

-Deir Balbeh: After the 3 young men Ibrahim Kanan, Khaled Deeb Alhamad and Mohamad Mahmoud Asraha were abducted by regime forces, the body of Mohamad Asraha was found in the Military Hospital today after being abducted previously by regime forces – however the whereabouts of the 2 other men, who were also abducted, remain unknown. The neighborhood was under mortar and tank shelling targeting the fields, however no injuries were reported.

-Jobar: Regime’s Shabiha (thugs) have burnt Al Meteen factory and a yogurt and cheese factory. Activists today documented the first photos of a graveyard (where martyrs are buried) vandalized by regime’s forces.

–Al Mateen factory on fire:

–Shabiha (thugs) burning of yogurt and cheese factory:

–The situation of schools in Jobar

–IMPORTANT: first video of the graveyard vandalized by regime’s forces:

-Al Houleh: Random and heavy regime bombardment has targeted the city today. Regime’s forces used heavy weaponry and Shilka (anti-aircrafts). Forces stationed near Water foundation carried out this bombardment.

-Tadmur/Palmyra: There was heavy gunfire opened from the Alsena’a checkpoint, the area also witnessed a wife spread of security forces on motorbikes that opened fire randomly onto civilians.

-Leaked videos from the Military Hospital


Evening protests:



حول Abu Bakr Saleh
كتاباتنا تنبع من الشارع الذي نعيش فيه .... واقع الثورة السورية

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