Latest events on the ground of besieged Homs up until 4:30 p.m. [Syria time] – 15/12/2012

Latest events on the ground of besieged Homs up until 4:30 p.m. [Syria time] – 15/12/2012
191 days of siege – 21 areas bombarded – 14 martyrs fell, amongst them 4 women

Death toll in Homs on the 191st day of the ongoing military campaign and siege imposed by the regime’s security, Shabiha (thugs), and Hezballah forces on Homs rose to 14 up until now, amongst them 2 women. Today, the bombardment is extremely extensive, targeting the northern suburbs and specially targeting Rastan city, where the international bridge was also targeted. The humanitarian conditions in the besieged areas in both the city and the suburbs has reached its lowest point ever since the beginning of the siege as winter has come and the bitter cold weather along with the lack of most basic needs for life and money all stand as alarming signs for a definite humanitarian crisis on the corner.

Up until now, 21 areas got bombarded. They are:

1] Rastan
2] Al Qusour
3] Jobar
4] Talbiseh
5] Al Ghanto
6] Al Qusair
7] Eastern Al Buwayda
8] Homs Central Prison
9] Bab Draib district
10] Bab Tudmur
11] Al Hamedeyye
12] Al Souk Al Masqouf
13] Bani Sibai’
14] Bustan Al Deewan
15] Al Warsheh
16] Al Safsafeh
17] Wadi Al Sayeh
18] Bab Turkman
19] Bab Al Masdood
20] Souk Al Naoura
21] Deir Ba’lbeh district


News Today


+++ Northern suburbs +++

 * Rastan:

The regime’s forces renewed their bombarding over the city since the early morning hours, targeting the city indiscriminately and also bombarding Al Rastan Bridge. They also targeted a medical rescue team. MEG23s launched airstrikes on residential areas. Huge explosions shook the whole city, leading to much destruction in the houses of civilians and to the injury of many civilians as well. At least 9 martyrs have been reportedly documented up until now, amongst them one whole family that was buried under the rubble of their own bombarded house.  Activists report that up until now, the bombardment is still ongoing and is getting more severe as artillery in Al Handaseh brigade joined the military campaign on Rastan today and escalated their bombarding, targeting the city utterly indiscriminately.
Free Syrian Army brigades released an announcement stating that they shall all unite to fight the regime’s warplanes, which launch airstrikes and drop bombs that lead to much of the massacres in Rastan city and its surroundings.

–Attempts to pull the martyrs out of the rubble:

–Martyr Abdul Kareem Al Turkmani:

–Civilians wounded:

–Martyrs’ families bidding farwell:

–Martyrs being buried:

–Civilians fleeing the bombardment:

–MEG23 bombarded:


–Medical rescue team targeted:

–Rastan bridge targeted:


–Announcement by FSA:

 * Al Ghanto:

The town got subjected to extensive mortar and tank bombardment carried out by the regime’s forces in pro-regime villages, especially from those stationed in pro-regime Jaboureen village, which is right beside Al Ghanto, as well as the regime’s forces stationed in the military college in Al Waer district.

 * Talbiseh:

The city got subjected to extensive bombardment that has been ongoing since the early morning hours, carried out by the regime’s forces stationed on military Al Muloook barrier and in Al Handaseh brigade in Al Meshrafeyyeh.

 * Al Houleh:

Much destruction has been caused to the city and its surrounding due to the extensive, continuous military campaigns and massacres. The regime’s forces stationed on the barrier near the water foundation as well as those on Qurmuz barrier currently are heavily bombarding the city of Al Houleh using artillery.

–Aqrab: one of the mosques destroyed:


 +++  Southern suburbs +++

 * Eastern Al Buwayda:

Helicopters dropped several cluster bombs and TNT barrels over the village, leading to the injury of many civilians, amongst them one whole family. 2 martyrs fell; they are:
– Martyr Adel Mohammad Bakkar / aged 27
– Martyr Mohammad Abraham Al Ahmed / aged 51
– Also, Omar Shaman got martyred after succumbing to the wounds he sustained due to bombardment.

Do note that the death toll is likely to rise since the medical conditions are utterly horrible and there are many civilians who got severely wounded.

–Martyr Adel Mohammad Bakkar:

–Martyr Mohammad Abraham Al Ahmed:

–Heavy bombardment by a weird, new type of bombs:

–Destruction by bombardment:

 * Al Qusair:

The city got subjected to extensive artillery bombardment carried out by the regime’s forces. Helicopters have also hovered over the area and opened gunfire heavily. Do note that the city lacks bread as flour is not available. Electricity is also cut off from the whole area. The bombardment is still ongoing up until now.

–Children and lack of bread:


 +++ Districts of Homs +++

 * Old Homs districts:

The regime’s forces renewed their bombarding yet again for more than 5 months now using vozdika tank shells from the military college in Al Waer district.

–Warplanes over Homs:

(sounds of warplanes over Homs)

–Destruction in Souk Al Masqouf:

–Destruction in Old Homs’s districts:

 * Al Khaldeye district:

Much destruction has been caused to the district due to the extensive, indiscriminate bombardment carried out by the regime’s forces.

–Al Qahera street; destruction:

–Fires in Al Khaldeye:

 * Homs Central Prison:

The regime’s forces and their tanks stationed around the prison were heavily tank shelling areas today along with opened gunfire heavily in the area.

 * Deir Ba’lbeh district:

The district got heavily bombarded by the regime’s forces using MEG 23s and rocket launchers. Do note that this district has no medical point whatsoever.

–Black smoke billowing from Deir Ba’lbeh district due to the bombardment:

 * Al Waer district:

Funeral procession of martyr Abdul Rahman Al Atassi was held today from Al Omari mosque.


there are some pictures :

 * Al Qusour district:

The district’s buildings, which have already been damaged due to the bombardment, are collapsing due to the heavy rain.

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