A report about the events in Yarmouk Camp 18/12/2012

A report about the events in Yarmouk Camp 18/12/2012
The neighborhood was targeted with an airstrike that caused massive destruction in the camp. Thick columns of smoke ascended from the area.
FSA completely took control of Yarmouk camp and the Jabha Sha’biya Headquarter after fierce clashes with and the regime forces backed by the troops of Jabha Sha’biyah, which is led by Ahmad Jibril.
— Billowing smokes

— Aftermath of shelling

— Aftermath of shelling on Hamza mosque

— FSA sweeping the camp

— Clashes

— The building liberated by FSA

— Regime reinforcement around the area

— The civilians who fled the area

— Tanks destroyed by FSA

— Surrounding regime forces by FSA

— An interview with a citizen from the camp

— Photos of destruction in Oroba street

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