Report : Syria Homs – Summary of events in Homs province up to 21:00 – 17/12/2012

Syria Homs – Summary of events in Homs province up to 21:00 – 17/12/2012

The province of Homs has been under siege for its 193rd day as regime forces continue to bombard several neighborhoods and besiege many too. The suburbs are suffering a large attack as many areas are bombarded with warplane missiles, TNT barrels and cluster bombs. 25 areas have been shelled today. 4 martyrs have fallen.

1. Abel
2. Alsultaniyeh
3. Baba Amr orchards
4. Talbiseh
5. Alrastan
6. Alkhaldiyeh
7. Bab Dreib
8. Bab Tadmur
9. Alhamidiyeh
10. Alsouq Almasqoof
11. Bani Sibai
12. Bustan Aldiwan
13. Alwarsheh
14. Alsafsafeh
15. Wadi Alsayeh
16. Bab Alturkman
17. Bab Almsdood
18. Souq Alnaoura
19. Jouret Alshayah
20. Bab Hood
21. Alqusair
22. Alqsoor
23. Deir Balbeh
24. Albuweyda Alsharqiyeh
25. Alhoulah


• Alrastan:

Regime forces continue to shell the city which has endured the worst of attacks for nearly 200 days now. Civilians live under siege and attacks daily. Zakariya Nayef Alkhateeb was martyred under torture after being detained for 10 days by regime forces. Humanitarian situation in the city is at its worst.


–Trying to pull the bodies


–Suffering of civilians

–Martyr Zakariya Alkhateeb

• Talbiseh:

The FSA in Talbiseh has been restructured and formed newly:

• Baba Amr orchards and Alsultaniyeh:

Regime shelling continues as an FSA member was hurt and is seen being treated in the field hospital. He later was martyred.

• Alqusair:

Shelling resumes on the city today.

• Albuweydah Alsharqiyeh:

Regime planes were seen in the skies of the area. The area was then shelled with heavy artillery.

• Aabel:

The village was shelled with tanks shells today from Almbarakeyeh checkpoint leading to 2 injuries.

• Old Homs:

The neighborhoods were shelled as usual with explosions shaking the entire area.

• Alwaar:

Regime forces raided the orchards of this area since the morning with tension observed at all surrounding checkpoints to the neighborhood.

• Deir Balbeh:

Snipers continue to fire and impose a curfew on the neighborhood which still suffers shelling daily for over 40 days now.

–Animals hurt by sniper shot

• Alqsoor:

Regime forces have set alight a civilian home in the area.

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